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Guro Will Bernales (BIMA's founder and Chief Instructor) and Guro Ray Rosales received their certifications in Kali directly from Tuhon Dan Inosanto. Guro Bernales began training in Tuhon Inosanto's system in 1989.

This highly sophisticated and comprehensive martial art from the Philippines forms an all-encompassing and combat-effective system. In this art, you will hone and heighten reflexes through sensitivity flow drills and progressions.

Zoning, slashing, thrusting, and raking motions are used to develop and ingrain muscle memory in angles of attack. You will train in more than 12 areas including, but not limited to, the blade, double stick, stick and dagger, Filipino boxing, kicking, and wrestling.

Kali is a way to even the odds against larger, stronger, and even multiple opponents. Its perspective on self-preservation is a refreshing application of "counter-offense" versus the "self-defense" philosophies employed by many other martial arts. 

Filipino Martial Arts (FMA): Classes
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