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Ages ~10+

BIMA's Black Belt Club is an exclusive, optional training program for students who wish to go above and beyond the Dragons program. Students must have the recommendation of the Chief Instructor to join. General parameters are that students must be at least 10 years of age and hold a green belt or higher. To ensure a safe, positive, and injury-free learning environment, students participating in the Black Belt Club will be required to obtain and bring their own equipment. 

Black Belt Club students learn more advanced techniques in Jiu-Jitsu and Thai Boxing, and they are also introduced to Kali, a weapons defense system from the Philippines.

Youth Sparring - Sparring is an important part of martial arts training, as it approximates more realistic real-life scenarios that students may face. It gives our youth students a chance to apply their knowledge and skills in a controlled, positive, and safe environment under the watchful eye of our BIMA youth program instructors. Sparring builds confidence, timing, coordination, and class camaraderie.

Kali/Filipino Weaponry - Students at BIMA learn zoning, positioning, and angling movements with single stick, double stick, dagger, and bow staff. These skills develop coordination, reflexes, sensitivity, and quick footwork, all of which help avoid danger and provide awareness of all possible angles of attack. We focus on self-preservation and “counter-offense” in a way that is fun, safe, and exciting. Eye protection (safety goggles) is required for students participating in weaponry work.

Demo Team - Students who have learned basic Kali skills and drills may be invited to participate in the BIMA Kids Demo Team and may have the opportunity to demonstrate their weaponry skills at cultural festivals and school events.

Black Belt Club: Service
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