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Ages ~5-6

Our Tiny Tigers classes are designed to introduce young children to the martial arts within a fun and nurturing environment. Our instructors are skilled in teaching Jiu-Jitsu and Thai Boxing techniques using games and incentives to maintain the focus of children who may have limited experience with structured classes. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves within a supportive context and to develop their body, mind, and spirit. Our Tiny Tigers classes instill principles of self-discipline and perseverance through the use of psychologically healthy methods of motivating children. Classes involve direct teaching from instructors as well as opportunities to engage in matches (spar) with classmates in a safe and monitored environment. Students also build their strength and endurance through calisthenics at the end of each class.

Tiny Tigers: Classes

Evi (6 years old) Demonstrating the
8 Weapons of Muay Thai

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