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Maphilindo (Inosanto Blend) Silat / Silat Buka Lingkaran

Silat developed in areas of Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand. Silat enabled locals to defend themselves from invading forces by using the characteristics of the land to their advantage. Many of the Silat forms were incorporated into dances to enable martial artists to hone their skills without revealing that they were training for combat.

Traditionally, Silat has been focused on enabling practitioners to temporarily or permanently disable an attacker or multiple attackers quickly using either bare hand techniques or knives and other weapons. Silat students learn about pressure points and nerves on the body that can be targeted to render opponents incapable of continuing to fight. Students also learn precision maneuvers such as leg sweeps, hand and elbow strikes, throws, and eye whips to distract the opponent. 

Even though the Silat techniques you will learn at BIMA are forceful and potentially disabling to an attacker, the classes are taught in a safe, enjoyable environment of mutual support.

BIMA teaches Maphilindo (Inosanto Blend) Silat and is also officially certified to teach the Silat Buka Lingkaran system.

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