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Where are you located?

BIMA is located at 2257 South State Street, one block north of the State Street exit off I-80. Turn north off the freeway, and then turn into our plaza immediately past the giant bowling pin on the East side of State Street. Call us at (801) 463-1727 if you have any questions!


What do I need to bring to my first class?


If you have loaner gear for the art you wish to attend, bring it along! If not, we have loaner gear available for all arts, and we have loaner gis you can use to try Jiu-Jitsu. Once you settle on an art or arts you wish to train long-term, we recommend buying your own uniform and gear. We ask that regular students wear a BIMA shirt to class (one is included for free with your introductory month).


Do you spar?


We do light timing sparring in most of our classes, and we regularly roll (spar) in our Jiu-Jitsu and Combat Submission Wrestling. We also have a Sparring/Competition class on Friday evenings for those who want more intense sparring practice.

What is the structure of your classes?

We typically start with a brief warmup using movements students will utilize in their training, followed by technique drilling with a partner. Our 1-hour grappling classes (Jiu-Jitsu and Combat Submission Wrestling) end with a 15-minute roll (sparring) to practice techniques in a more realistic scenario. For our 1.5-hour grappling classes, the first hour is focused on technique and we roll for the last 30 minutes. Our Saturday hour-long Jiu-Jitsu technique class is followed by a 1-hour roll.

Could I bring a friend or my spouse/partner?


Definitely! Bring a Friend to Class is the second week of every month, and we encourage students to bring friends and partners to try classes at our studio and become regular participants. It is often easier to maintain regular training if you have someone to attend classes with you.

What sets you apart from other schools?


The underlying focus of our studio is practical self-defense within a supportive community environment. BIMA’s culture involves taking care of our training partners and helping each other succeed in training. We emphasize proper form and technique in all arts, as the self-defense component is built into the correct form. Our teaching lineage is directly through the world leaders in each art that we offer. More detail about our lineage is available on each of our Adult Class pages.


I don’t have any experience. Is that okay?


Absolutely! We routinely have beginners starting classes at BIMA. Our instructors work to the level of the participants in each class. For our larger classes, the instructors will split the mat into beginners and more advanced students so that participants can hone and expand their specific knowledge base.


If I miss class, is there a makeup?


Most of our programs involve unlimited classes within one art or multiple arts, and we offer several classes each week in each art to fit different schedules and situations. If you have a unique situation, we’re always happy to discuss options.


If I miss a test, is there a makeup?


We have formal tests in each art approximately every three to four months. We encourage all students to attend those tests, but we will catch people up to their appropriate belt/prajeet level in the following weeks after a test if you are unable to attend. 


What programs are good for losing weight?


Our grappling (Jiu-Jitsu and Combat Submission Wrestling) and our Muay Thai/Thai Boxing classes involve significant cardio and are great for getting a full workout. 

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