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Don't let your child get robbed of their self-esteem. Bully-proof your child.

The emphasis of our children’s program is establishing discipline and courtesy while teaching practical defense techniques. Training at BIMA builds confidence and character by teaching children self-control and the ability to stand up to negative peer pressure. The movements of the martial arts develop coordination and increase strength, flexibility, and balance.

The awarding of belts gives children a sense of achievement and accomplishment. Training for and passing tests enhances a child’s ability to concentrate, plan for, and triumph over learning hurdles. We teach life lessons such as the Golden Rule, which BIMA students are expected to use inside and outside BIMA. Students also learn the principles behind concepts such as the three R's:

  • Respect for yourself

  • Respect for others

  • Responsibility for your actions

The primary value of martial arts is in teaching children how to protect and defend themselves. Unlike many schools that teach techniques designed for tournaments, where the objective is to “score a point," BIMA will teach your child useful skills designed to help them in an actual self-defense situation. (While self-defense is first and foremost, tournaments can be important for development in the arts and we provide opportunities for competition through local tournaments.)

Students learn how to properly throw punches, kicks, knees, and elbows. In the higher-level classes, they learn how to deliver weapon-based attacks. This training teaches them the body mechanics to effectively defend against these moves if used by an attacker. Students develop an innate understanding of how to effectively counter attacks in order to protect themselves and safely disarm or disable an opponent. The result of training at BIMA is a self-confident child who does not need to bully or show off to other children.

Finally, martial arts classes at BIMA are fun and engaging for children, a great way to make friends, and a productive way to burn off extra energy.

Give your child a head start at BIMA through:

  • Bully-Proofing

  • Life Lessons/Skills

  • Confidence Building

  • Character Development

It's never too early to start instilling healthy physical and mental habits.

Youth Classes: Classes


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Youth Classes: Classes
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